Professor Dirk Schmeller


Professor Schmeller is a researcher, based at ENSAT at the Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse. He notably works on wildlife diseases, biodiversity and the social aspects of conservation. For the past three years, he has coordinated the Belmont-Forum P3 project on mountain ecosystems. AXA Chair in Functional Mountain Ecology, EcoLab, ENSAT – Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse, France (2019-2024).


Environmental Factors and Host Microbiomes
Shape Host–Pathogen Dynamics

The review provides new perspectives that improve our understanding of disease dynamics and ecology by incorporating environmental factors and microbiomes into disease theory.


Pathogens differ in their virulence (how fast they multiply in a host and causing harm) and their pathogenicity (ability to produce pathologic changes or disease), both linked to spread and mortality rate.

Fighting an emerging invasive pathogen from Asia

Professor Dirk Schmeller sounds the alarm on the near-extinction of entire amphibian populations due to a wild pathogen that originated in Asia and spread worldwide.

This is a collection of interviews, articles and desk research that discuss the critical nature of biodiversity, the interdependencies between nature, climate change, the economy and security, based on insights from AXA Research Fund supported scientists and biodiversity and climate change experts.

Toulouse INP-ENSAT and AXA have created the AXA Chair on Functional Mountain Ecology. Supported by a financial endowment from AXA in the amount of 600,000 euros, the Chair will conduct a 5-year study of the effects of climate change, pollution and pathogens on mountain ecosystems and the service they provide, including the supply of clean drinking water for millions of people.