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Civic capital and social distancing: Evidence from Italians’ response to COVID-19

Social distancing slows the spread of COVID-19. In regions that adopt social distancing practices early (i.e. before receiving explicit stay-at-home guidelines from their governments), the virus can be contained more quickly. Using Italian data from phone location tracking of movements made by individuals after the pandemic began, this column finds sharper drops in mobility in areas with higher ‘civic capital’, suggesting that civic values can mediate the social distancing process.

Environmental Factors and Host Microbiomes
Shape Host–Pathogen Dynamics

The review provides new perspectives that improve our understanding of disease dynamics and ecology by incorporating environmental factors and microbiomes into disease theory.

Alison has written this blog exploring how we can support our loved ones, neighbours and colleagues during the covid-19 pandemic.

Modelling COVID-19

A simplified arithmetic modelling tools for predicting COVID-19 transmission dynamics and how it is likely to respond to different containment, delay or mitigation strategies.

Podcast: Origins and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

In this AXA XL podcast, Dr. Keck, social anthropologist, discusses different cultural perspectives on what it means to be a human or an animal. He also explains how these differences affect the likelihood of a new infectious disease arising from a new pathogen, as well as how different cultures respond when an outbreak like the current COVID-19 pandemic occurs.

Origins and implications of the COVID-19 pandemicDr. Frédéric Keck
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Antibody testing may be key to getting the healthy back to work

CNN interview with Dr Lily Fang: Antibody testing may be key to getting the healthy back to work.

OpenCovid19 Initiative

The AXAResearchFund supports a ground-breaking open research digital initiative, OpenCOVID-19, aimed at providing efficient, fast and low-cost solutions for prevention, diagnosis & treatment of the disease.


Pathogens differ in their virulence (how fast they multiply in a host and causing harm) and their pathogenicity (ability to produce pathologic changes or disease), both linked to spread and mortality rate.

Slowing the growth of epidemic is simply not enough

The approach taken to containment in Ireland thus far remains too tentative as many people will be infected without clinical symptoms, writes Gerry Killeen.

Biodiversity at Risk : Preserving the Natural World for our Future

The AXA Research Fund has just launched its latest publication, with a collection of interviews, articles and desk research that discuss the critical nature of biodiversity, the interdependencies between nature, climate change, the economy and security, based on insights from AXA Research Fund supported scientists and biodiversity and climate change experts. The report also provides an overview of AXA’s commitments in the area of biodiversity loss mitigation and resilience strategies.